Understanding Gold Jewellery

9ct gold cross with stones

This is the ultimate guide to understanding the difference between 9ct and 18ct Gold:  A Lilywho perspective!

We are moving more and more towards Fine Gold Jewellery, rather than sterling silver with gold plating. Yes a 9ct gold item will cost significantly more than its gold plated alternative, but it will be a lifetime piece. When it comes to purchasing fine gold Jewellery, there are two common gold options in the market, 9ct and 18ct gold. UK and Ireland generally use 9ct gold for daily Jewellery and 18ct gold for diamond rings etc. 14ct is another option however not a standard or popular option in Ireland or UK.

In this article, we'll explore the key differences between 9k and 18k Gold.

First, let's define what 9ct and 18ct gold mean. The "ct" in these terms stands for "carat," which is a unit of measure used to express the purity of gold. The higher the number, the purer the gold, and the more valuable it is. 9ct gold has a purity of 37.5% gold, while 18ct gold has a purity of 75%.

9ct gold has a lighter appearance, with a slightly less yellow hue compared to 18ct gold, which has a deeper, richer colour. The difference in appearance is due to the difference in the amount of pure gold present in each. IE 9ct Gold is 375 parts pure gold and 625 parts other metals whereas 18ct has 750 parts Gold and 250 parts other metals.

Although less expensive, 9ct gold is actually harder wearing due to the presence of more "other metals" in the alloy, which actually makes it more resistant to scratches and bending. 18ct gold, on the other hand, is softer due to its higher gold content, making it more susceptible to wear and tear.

18ct gold is the more expensive option due to its higher gold content.

For jewellery purposes 9ct gold can make a great choice for anyone who will be wearing their jewellery more frequently as it really can last forever, when taken care of.  Although it’s not quite as hard wearing, 18ct can also last forever.

At Lilywho, we offer a wide range of 9ct Jewellery along with a new collection of lab diamond jewellery set in 18ct gold. Lilywho have many options to suit all your needs and preferences. Our collection includes everything from stunning necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to fashionable rings. With our commitment to quality, you can be sure that every piece of jewellery you purchase from us is made with care and attention to detail.

When it comes to choosing between 9ct and 18ct gold, it ultimately comes down to your personal preference, budget, and intended use for the jewellery. We generally advise buy 9ct Gold for an everyday piece and if you are buying a diamond piece-go for 18ct.

Golds durability and resistance to tarnish have made it a symbol of wealth, beauty, and longevity. A question we get asked at Lilywho is; If I buy 9ct gold will it last? We always explain, Yes a piece of gold jewellery can actually outlive its owner. Gold has a relatively long lifespan and can last for generations if it's well taken care of. Unlike other materials, gold doesn't corrode or tarnish, which makes it ideal for use in jewellery. With proper maintenance and storage, a gold piece of jewelry can last for many years without losing its luster or shape.

However, it's important to keep in mind that gold is not indestructible. It can still be scratched, bent, or damaged if not handled carefully but the good news is, it can generally be fixed and polished to look like new again. 

With proper care and maintenance, a gold piece of jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation, retaining its beauty and value for many years to come. Investing in gold is a smart choice for anyone who wants to ensure that their jewellery lasts for years to come.

 Love Lily x