A Journey to Create a Jewellery Brand

A Journey to Create a Jewellery Brand

How LilyWho Started.

A Journey to Create a Jewellery Brand.

The LilyWho team once worked for a related company that were agents and distributors in Ireland & UK for some of the world's top jewellery fashion brands. We travelled the world to Jewellery shows and countless brand meetings and learned every aspect of the Jewellery Industry, but we were getting bored. We always felt there was something missing. We had an enormous passion for Jewellery but we wanted full control. We were inspired by the brands we had been selling but always felt that we could improve upon them.

In 2018, 2 girls, both in their 20’s approached the company owner with a bold idea: “Why don’t we start our own Jewellery brand? We know the best factories, we understand manufacturing, we know what sells and what doesn’t sell…” The owner was initially hesitant, but after much consideration, he agreed to give it a try. And thus, LilyWho was born.

The girls spent countless days, and long nights drinking lattes, researching and developing designs. (Nit-picking at samples like you wouldn't believe-Niamh!!!) We visited several manufacturers in various countries, and then finally produced a small line of pieces.

The Lilywho Girls, led by Daniele are young, creative women in their twenties and thirties who have set out to revolutionize the jewellery industry. We created something that represents our style, our age group, and our values. We created jewellery that is great quality, fashionable & affordable, which was something we felt was missing from the industry. We created Jewellery that we Love and our friends and peers want to wear.

We have had a profound impact on the jewellery industry and our pieces have become popular amongst women around the world.

We LOVE Jewellery.

Everyday Luxury! 

Love Lily x