Is a Diamond Certificate Important?

Is a Diamond Certificate Important?

Is an independent Diamond Certificate Important? Yes, it is important to have an independent and unbiased diamond grading certificate. A GIA or IGI cert comes with all Lilywho Diamond Rings and serves as a very reliable & standardized way to communicate a diamond's features, helping any Diamond purchaser make a more informed buying decision.

GIA and IGI are world-renowned and are the 2 biggest certification houses. They certify both natural earth grown diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds.

It’s vital to note, not all diamond certs carry the same weight. It's crucial to distinguish between internationally recognized laboratories like IGI and GIA and those lacking impartiality and accreditation. IGI and GIA Certs adhere to very strict industry standards. Some lesser-known labs lack the necessary consistency and transparency for accurate diamond grading.

For IGI & GIA, being independent is a critical factor, particularly considering that some lesser known diamond certificates, could in some cases be potentially "certifying" the diamonds they are selling themselves.

When IGI & GIA certify diamonds, its based solely on their qualities, free from any biases introduced by the selling brand or shop. Their certification ensures consumers there has been an unbiased assessment of the diamond's true characteristics. It also enables consumers to do fair price comparisons.

The certification process begins with the assignment of a unique identification number that’s often laser inscribed onto the diamond. Then there’s a thorough examination by trained gemmologists who assess its various attributes, including the 4Cs being cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight along with several other factors such as fluorescence and of course, the diamonds dimensions.

Once the grading process is complete, the findings are compiled into a comprehensive certification report. This report includes detailed information about all the diamond's characteristics, good or bad!

As you search for your dream natural earth-grown or lab-grown diamond, you should prioritize reputable laboratories that value impartial evaluation, ensuring your diamond's brilliance remains untarnished by any external influences.

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