Are Lab Diamonds like Test Tube babies?

Are Lab Diamonds like Test Tube babies?

Diamonds have long been cherished for their rarity and allure and have held a very special place in history. However, as technology advances, a new contender has emerged in the diamond industry, lab-grown diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds comparable to Test Tube Babies OR Strawberries?

Strawberries can be either grown in a garden naturally or can be nurtured within a glasshouse.

Babies can be born naturally or born by using artificial insemination.

If I put 2 children in front of you, could you tell me which one was the test tube baby? NO!

If I put 2 strawberries in front of you, could you tell me which one was the naturally grown one? NO! 

If I put 2 Diamonds on front of you, could you tell me which was the lab grown diamond? NO!

Like strawberries cultivated in a glasshouse, lab-grown diamonds are nurtured under carefully monitored conditions, free from the unpredictability of nature. This allows for the creation of diamonds with identical chemical compositions and physical properties to their natural diamond counterparts, offering a more affordable and sustainable alternative.

Most babies are produced naturally while Test-tube babies, much like lab-grown diamonds, are the result of human intervention and science.

Lab grown diamonds are crafted through a process that mimics the natural conditions under which diamonds normally form, in a controlled environment within a laboratory. By subjecting a tiny diamond seed to high-pressure, high-temperature conditions or utilizing chemical vapor deposition, scientists can stimulate diamond growth in a matter of weeks or months, rather than wait thousands or even millions of years. As a result the costs of creating a lab grown diamonds are much lower than the costly mining process. 

Whether it's the natural brilliance of a diamond formed over thousands of years or the allure of a diamond grown in a laboratory, each has its own story to tell. Similarly, whether it's a strawberry nurtured under the open sky or within the confines of a glasshouse, or a baby born naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies, each represents a unique manifestation of life's complexity and wonder.

Ultimately, the choice between lab-grown and natural diamonds, is a personal one.

In Ireland and worldwide, a lot of open-minded Jewellers and Big Brands that have sold natural diamonds for many years have now embraced lab diamonds even though they are much more affordable for consumers, meaning that Jeweler's average order value could drop significantly. Most good Jewelers now offer consumers the choice between both options.

Occasionally a Jeweler may tell you not to buy a lab diamond and give you several reasons why you should not to buy a lab diamond. They will advise that paying 5 to 10 times more for a natural Diamond is a much better decision. That decision is ultimately yours.  

Do what makes you happiest!

Love Lily x