Will I pay Import Duty?

Will I pay Import Duty?

Will I pay import duty on a purchase from Lilywho? NO, you will not!

Lilywho are an Irish Brand so no import duties or extra charges will apply to your order. In fact, if you buy something from Lilywho for €79 or over, you won’t even pay a delivery charge, as we will cover the costs of the courier.

Since Brexit there has been a surge on imports to Ireland of goods from Europe and a very sharp fall in goods bought from UK. Brexit is the name given to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. It is a combination of the words ‘Britain’ and ‘Exit’.

Brexit meant the UK left the European Union as and from 1st January 2021. From that date the United Kingdom is now no longer a member of the European Union (EU). So now, when you are buying goods online from UK based brands, you may have to pay duty, tax, and handling fees on them. So, it’s worth calculating these extra costs when choosing to buy online from outside the EU. What may seem better value, may actually prove not to be!

Very few UK retailers are adding the applicable charges at the online checkout, and most do not alert customers of these new fees, that will need to be paid through either An Post or the delivery company. When your order enters Ireland the courier or An Post will contact you looking for payment of taxes, duties and the handling fees before they actually deliver the parcel to you. This process can also cause some delays. The convenience and protections enjoyed by consumers within the EU, will no longer apply, when buying from online retailers based in Britain.

If you are also one of the EU based people who has experienced returning an order to the UK, you may have noted the money you paid to receive the delivery, is now gone! If you make a purchase from a UK based website and return the order, you will need to seek a refund, of the various charges. Best of luck with that!

Irish consumers spend €5 Billion online each year and unfortunately over two-thirds of that is spent overseas. It goes without saying we are all buying more and more online and why not try to spend a bit more of that with Irish companies? Buying Irish can also mean online! Buying from an Irish based company supports Irish employment, with a lot of those wages spent locally.

Lilywho support countless local business's. We rent an Irish Warehouse, we rent Irish offices, we use Irish Goldsmiths, Irish Bloggers, Irish office suppliers, computer suppliers, coffee shops, restaurants, photographers etc etc etc 

Thanks for the support.

Love Lily x

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