Will Gold Plating come off?

Will Gold Plating come off?

Will gold plating come off?

If your budget won’t stretch to gold Jewellery, we also have some gold plated pieces. At Lilywho these item’s are made from sterling silver with the addition of gold plating. It’s basically the gold look for a silver price. Gold plating is a popular choice for jewelry because it offers a beautiful lustre finish, that is often mistaken for solid gold. It's a great alternative to 9ct gold if you are on a budget, and will last a long time if looked after carefully. However it's important to remember a gold plated pair of earrings, is a similar price to a nice bunch of flowers, so don't expect miracles! 

Here are some gold plated related questions we get asked daily.

Is Gold plated Jewellery as good as Gold jewellery? NO it isn’t. We always recommend if someone wants a lifetime piece of Jewellery, that they buy a Lilywho piece of 9ct or 18ct gold Jewellery.

Will gold plating come off? Yes, if you want a gold piece of Jewellery to last forever, choose one of our 9ct or 18ct gold pieces. However if your budget wont stretch to 9k, gold plated is a great alternative.

How long will gold plating last? It depends on the quality of the plating and the care that is given to the jewellery. At Lilywho, we use a very high-quality gold plating mix & process so it will outlast most brands. To ensure that your gold-plated jewelry lasts for years, it is important to take proper care of it. You should avoid exposing the jewelry to sprays, chemicals, cleaning liquids or abrasive materials, as this can cause the gold plating to wear off faster. You should also avoid contact with water, fake tans & sweat, as all these can also damage the plating. If you take proper care of your gold-plated jewelry, it should last for years without the gold plating coming off. At Lilywho, we stand behind our gold plating process so we offer a 6 month guarantee on plating. We simply can’t offer a longer plating warranty, as the person wearing and storing the jewellery will ultimately determine how long it will last.

How deep is the gold plating? or What micron is the gold plating? Many people assume that the quality of a gold-plated piece of jewelry is determined by the number of microns used, however this is not the case. The quality of gold plating is determined by the quality of the gold mix used and the process of plating. Gold plating is a complex procedure that involves electroplating a thin layer of gold onto the base metal. To ensure the longevity of our gold plating, a high-quality gold solution is used and the process is performed under very strict conditions. The number of microns used in gold plating is actually, not very important in determining the quality of the gold plating. The number of microns used is simply a way to measure the thickness of the gold plating layer and is not an indication of the quality of the gold plating or of how long the plating will last etc

XXXXXX brand sells gold plated Jewellery that lasts forever. Why can’t Lilywho also guarantee their plating for a lifetime? When it comes to gold-plated jewellery, it’s important to understand that it does not last forever. Many brands make the mistake of promising that gold-plated jewellery will last forever, but that simply isn’t true. At lilywho, we know that gold plating is a beautiful and affordable way to enjoy the look of gold without the high cost. However, we also want our customers to understand that gold plating, is not permanent. The reality is that gold plating is only a thin layer of gold applied to the surface of another metal-in our case sterling silver. It is durable, but not permanent. Over time, the gold plating can wear off or become scratched, revealing the base metal underneath. The amount of time it takes for the gold plating to wear off depends on how often the jewellery is worn and how well it is taken care of.

Its worth noting 2 things;

The girls at Lilywho HQ wear multiple gold plated pieces that have lasted many years. What’s the secret? They take care of their Jewellery whether it’s on or off!

Occasionally we get an email, that 99% of the time, starts with the words "I never even took them out of the box...." OR "I only wore them once..." Lets be clear, we store several thousand gold plated pieces in our Warehouse, sometimes for years. Never once have we taken a piece out that has any plating damage whatsoever. Need I say anymore? 

Love Lily x