Difference between 9ct & 18ct Gold?

Difference between 9ct & 18ct Gold?
  • What is the difference between 9ct and 18ct Gold? 18ct Gold is comprised of 75% pure Gold and 25% other metals, whereas 9ct Gold is comprised of 37.5% pure Gold and 62.5% other metals. 
  • What is the hallmark for 9ct Gold? The hallmark for 9ct Gold is 375.
  • What is the hallmark for 18ct Gold? 18ct gold hallmark is 750.
  • Does 9ct Gold and 18ct Gold look the same? No, they are slightly different in appearance. 9ct gold offers a slightly paler appearance in comparison to its 18ct counterpart. 18ct gold boasts a deep, rich hue.
  • Is 9ct Gold durable? Despite its lower gold content, 9ct gold Jewellery is very durable, and well-suited for everyday wear. It makes it an excellent choice for everyday Jewelry. 
  • Is 18ct Gold durable? Yes, 18ct Gold is very durable and if taken care of, will last a lifetime and more. It makes an excellent choice for high-end Jewellery or diamond and gem set Jewellery. 
  • Is 9ct Gold less expensive than 18ct Gold? 9ct Gold is half the price of 18ct gold due to its lower gold content.  
  • Why is 18ct Gold more expensive than 9ct or 14ct Gold? 18ct Gold has a higher Gold content than its 9ct or 14ct counterparts. This higher Gold content contributes to its resistance against tarnishing and corrosion, making it an ideal choice for high-end lifetime Jewellery pieces.
  • Does Gold maintain its value? Generally yes, Gold has traditionally maintained its value and increased in value over time. Between 1990 and 2022, the price of gold has increased considerably,
  • Is it better to invest in 9ct Gold or 18ct Gold? 18ct Gold. Due to its higher Gold content, it is generally considered a more profitable investment. 
  • Is 9ct Gold or 18ct Gold better for Jewellery?  Both 9ct and 18ct are perfect for everyday use. It completely depends on your budget. 9ct Gold Jewellery is perfectly suited to everyday wear in chains, rings, earrings, and pendants. At Lilywho we generally use 18ct Gold or Platinum for Jewellery pieces intended for special occasions such as engagement rings and wedding bands. 
  • Is 9ct Gold Jewellery plated? No, 9ct gold is not plated and will last a lifetime if taken care of. It can also be restored and polished to look like new at anytime. 

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