Lab diamonds or Natural diamonds?

Lab diamonds or Natural diamonds?

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There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there about the difference between lab diamonds and natural diamonds. So, what are the differences? Maybe not as many as you imagined.

As lab diamonds continue to rise in popularity, this growing interest brings an increased number of questions. 

Whatever you do, lets not ever mix up Lab Diamonds with CZ’s (Cubic Ciconia’s) or anything similar. What is the difference between a cubic zirconia and a Lab Diamond? Put quite simply Lab Diamonds are Diamonds. Cubic zirconias are not! Cubic Zirconia's are made to simulate diamonds only, so they are a lot different from both natural and lab diamonds.

Are lab diamonds real diamonds? Let’s answer this one first. YES lab diamonds are real diamonds. It’s as simple as that.

Do Lab Diamonds look and feel like natural Diamonds? Yes, Lab diamonds and natural diamonds look exactly the same, and they cannot be differentiated by the naked eye. They also feel the same to touch. Both lab & natural diamonds will keep their colour and sparkle forever and both are very hard.

Both variants are priced and graded in the same ways, by weight and quality. I’m sure you have already heard of the famous 4 C’s of a diamond. These rules also apply to lab diamonds. The 4 C’s being Colour, Cut, Clarity, & Carat-weight!

Lab created diamonds have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as natural mined diamonds, apart from sometimes, there is a tiny chemical difference, as natural diamonds can often contain a small amount of nitrogen while lab diamonds generally don't.

So, what are the main differences between lab diamonds and natural diamonds? The 2 main differences between lab diamonds and natural diamonds are the origin and the price. Let’s start with the origin. Lab diamonds are created in a laboratory that recreates the process of how a natural diamond is formed. The laboratories use modern technology that duplicates the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop within the earth. Whereas a natural diamond is formed from carbon deep underground being subjected to very high temperatures and pressure. It can sometimes take thousands of years or even millions of years, for a natural diamond to form. As for the price, lab diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds. So, they are a great option If you want real diamonds without the huge costs. Or if you prefer a better quality or a bigger diamond for the same price, as a smaller or lower grade natural diamond.

Depending on your age, and your beliefs, one variation may be better than the other. That's for you to decide. You may love the fact that a natural diamond was once buried deep in the earth and could have taken millions of years to form. Or you may hate the fact that the process of mining those natural diamonds had quite a negative impact on the environment. You may also have watched the film Blood Diamonds and some others in the past that highlighted health and safety, and human rights issues, violence, forced labour, and even murder at a minority of natural diamond mines in the past. Thankfully in 2003 the Kimberley Process was created to improve transparency in the diamond industry, in order to attempt to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds, however there are still some serious issues! 

At Lilywho our preference is to use only lab diamonds. Lilywho LOVE the fact that, by selling lab diamonds, we are having slightly less of an impact on the environment. Lilywho is proudly a sustainable jewellery brand, working towards selling only jewellery collections made from recycled Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold & 18ct Gold Jewellery. Our packaging is recyclable and our HQ is almost  completely paperless. It’s important to us, that as the Lilywho brand grows, it has as little negative impact on the earth, or on people, as possible. Secondly, we also love everyday luxury, so the pricing of lab diamonds suits our brand position. 

Diamonds are a girls best friend. 

Lots of Love Lily x