Christmas Buying Guide

Christmas Buying Guide

Lilywho Christmas Buying Guide.

At Lilywho we have so many Gift possibilities for the lady in your life. 

For the price of a nice bunch of flowers that will last a week if you are lucky, you can buy a beautiful sterling silver necklace or a pair of earrings, for that lady in your life. A gift she can cherish for many years to come. For the price of a night away in a half decent Hotel, you could buy a beautiful piece of 9ct Gold Jewellery, that could last a lot more than a lifetime. 

Lilywho Jewellery can be the perfect gift if you get it right. Jewelry is personal and timeless and a really wonderful way to mark a special occasion such as Chritsmas. 

However, if you are buying for someone else, there's no doubt it can be difficult to pick the perfect piece, so at Lilywho we have made a list of a few minor things to consider to steer you in the right direction while gifting Jewellery to that special someone.

Jewellery is always a gift favourite and if you do some basic research you can make the perfect choice.

Where on earth do you start?......


Does she predominantly wear gold or silver? It has become more popular to mix your metal colours when it comes to Jewellery and at Lilywho we now actually encompass silver and gold in the one piece. However, if she tends to stick with one colour, go with that to be safe. It's easy to check if she is normally a gold or silver girl. At lilywho we sell Gold and Silver pieces as well as some silver with gold plating, if your budget won't stretch to a 9ct or an 18ct gold and diamond piece.


Start by looking at their style. Is she a minimal Jewellery person, does she like plain or stone set items? Does she tend to layer up small pieces of dainty Jewellery like fine necklaces or does she wear larger statement pieces like chunky chains? If she has a more classic and simple style, a nice pair of stone set stud earrings or a dainty pearl necklace could be ideal. Try to think about what she likes and what she really doesn’t. Is there something in her current Jewellery collection that she loves and never takes off? 

Have a think about what clothing she wears casually and also what she wears when she is going out and visualise what Jewellery would compliment her look. 


Why not personalize a piece of Jewellery by having it engraved? A bar Necklace is perfect for a name or date. If you want to engrave a special message a disc necklace may be more suitable. At lilywho we always recommend if you are engraving a gold item to go for 9ct gold-not gold plated as plating will ultimately come off, whereas a 9ct gold piece of Jewellery can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.  

Personalization gifts are huge in every industry but a bit extra special when it's a Jewellery piece.   It is a lovely thing to do, if you want to mark an occasion with a special message. She will forever associate that Jewellery piece with that time and place. So by engraving you will make gifting Jewellery even more timeless. Just make sure you allow for engraving time, generally 1-2 days depending on the item, the type of engraving and the time of year. 

At lilywho we exclusively do handwriting engraving. Simply pick a piece from our personalisation section and then upload your handwriting or the handwriting of someone special. We can then transfer that exact handwriting onto the Jewellery. If you have an old message from a loved one that has passed, you can take a picture of that and upload it also. This is a really nice thoughtful gift.



Let's simplify the process for you. If you don't know her exact finger size, to be honest Rings are not the easiest choice. Especially if she wants to show off her Jewellery to the family on Christmas day. Now of course we can easily change the size within a few days, if she insists on a ring. But if you want to be 100% sure she can wear her Jewellery over Christmas, choose something else.


Yes 100% Earrings are one of the world's most popular gift choices. Well for a start everyone has ears right? First things first, check if she has her ears pierced. Most women do but it's worth a check. You don't need to worry about sizing. All Earrings will fit all ears. If earrings are her thing, there are a few different types of earrings to consider. At Lilywho we sell stud earrings, drop earrings, Climber earrings, huggies, and loops etc. Again here you can defer to her general fashion style, so have a peep at what she currently wears to get hints. Find out what colour Jewellery she normally wears. Is it gold colour or is it silver? 

Then check if she normally wears small studs or larger loops? You can tell all of this by doing a quick check. Get a good idea of what she normally likes and believe me, no girl can have too many earrings.

Ear cuffs are the perfect gift for ladies that don't have their ears pierced.


Yes, Yes Yes!! Necklaces will generally fit almost all necks which takes some pressure off you. A pendant or necklace is also a perfect Christmas gift idea. Although most women have a few necklaces, adding a nice chain or necklace to her Jewellery collection will always go down very well. The standard necklace length at Lilywho is XXX and our pendant chains come with an extra loop, if a lady chooses to wear it shorter. 

Layering necklaces is a huge trend in 2022 so consider a couple of dainty necklaces that could be worn together. If you think she would like pieces to layer up, choose chains that compliment each other, that are the same metal colour. 

If you are looking for a statement piece, a chunky single chain can also make for a special gift.



Wrist sizes vary quite a bit however at lilywho our bracelets will generally fit most wrists. Different bracelets can lend distinction, they also allow you to stand out in the simplest of ways. A bracelet with engraving or hand engraving can be a really beautiful gift. 

Although we are an online brand, us Lilywho girls are only too happy to take a phone call and answer any questions you may have. +353 (0) 41 9818803 We can even try on the pieces for you to send you on pics if you are not 100% sure about dimensions etc. Alternatively email us on and we will be back with you within the day. The live chat option is also a good option during business hours. 

Happy Christmas,

Love Lily x