Sustainability and Fashion are normally not a natural pairing as Fashion's trend-driven ways press us to buy new pieces every season, while sustainability is quite the opposite and asks us to pare down. 

Choosing a beautiful piece of Jewellery to enhance the look of your outfit, or as a gift for a loved one is the easy part, however, have you ever considered where the materials came from, and what impact the mining & manufacturing process had on the environment? 

Jewellery is a gift to be treasured, often bought as a token of love, so, it’s important that when we do buy something, however big or small in monetary terms that we know every effort has been made by the brand to protect the environment. 

Lilywho knows that simply having a good product is no longer enough to win a customer’s heart. Shoppers now want more than just quality, and yearn for products that align with their personal values. In the face of climate change, those of us who care enough are already considering the consequences of our shopping habits. 

While you may be willing to pay more for something that is environmentally friendly, the ultimate goal for Lilywho is for sustainability to be accessible. 

Lilywho is fully committed to producing Jewellery with minimal impact on the environment. From January 2021 75% of our Jewellery is now manufactured using recycled Sterling Silver and Gold, sourced from a fully Certified Responsible Jewellery Council Supplier. We are aiming for 100%! 

 Our diamonds are already 100% lab grown so are more affordable, have greater purity, improved quality, and are far more environmentally friendly as well as sustainable. 

When you purchase from Lilywho, not only will you get an ethically-sourced product that you will love, but you are also becoming a part of the changes we are all working towards. 

We are aware that the only way forward is to ensure we continually improve our sustainable practices over time, and we hope to inspire other brands to join us on our sustainability journey.