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Mi Moneda | Mi Moneda Jewellery Buyer's Guide | Lilywho

Mi Moneda

Mi Moneda Jewellery

Buyer's Guide


How To Pick Coin, Pendant & Bracelet

First pick a Mi Moneda 
Pendant of your choice in style and size

Then Pick your "Moneda" (coin) in the same size to fit into your pendant

Pick the perfect Necklace or Bracelet to match your chosen style


About Mi Moneda

Mi Moneda meaning My Coin" in Spanish is a fashionable and luxurious brand inspired by vintage coins Mi Moneda combines high style jewellery with ancient spiritual ideas. The unique interchangeable pendant, designed to change coins, make it possible to create a personal necklace.


Jewellery from Coins

In ancient Egypt coins were used as amulets, made to wear close to the heart and with special meaning.  In 2009 a Dutch couple with a passion for coins decided to turn this spiritual thought into fashionable and stylish jewellery; Mi Moneda was born with overwhelming success, as the necklaces were quickly picked up by stylist, celebrities and bloggers; the meaningful, personal and changeable necklace stole the hearts of many.


Mi Moneda Pendants


Mi Moneda offers handmade jewellery with symbols of love, hope and strength.  Stylish, luxurious, glamorous - but always personal and with it's own meaning. Mi Moneda invented a unique pendant in order to change the Moneda's (coins) and create a new look with ease. The handmade pendant is available in three sizes small, medium and large in 925 silver or 925 silver with gold or rose gold plating and can be worn on a necklace or bracelet.



 Meaningful Moneda's

Mi Moneda offers a diverse collection of Moneda's with inspirational inscriptions or spiritual meanings,  wearable on two sides.  For instance you can choose between a buddha, a cross, a hamsa hand, texts like "Carpe Diem" "La Dolce Vita" or short sentences that touch a person's heart such as "Live the life you love, love the life you live".


Stylish Moneda's

Next to the meaningful Moneda's you can also wear your pendant with Moneda's in trendy & colourful designs and rich materials to match your outfit, mood or occasion.  Natural Mosaic Shells in many colours and unique designs; Italian Leather in different styles and colours with Swarovski Elements and Crystals for a luxurious chic look. With over 250,000 combinations anything is possible.



Necklaces & Bracelets

You can wear your personal Moneda (coin) and Pendant (coin holder) with all the necklaces and bracelets in Lilywho's Mi Moneda range. With many different styles, materials lengths (up to 90cm) and design necklaces in 925 silver, 925 silver gold plated, rosegold plated and black plated. Wear it the way you want to and create your own Mi Moneda by choosing colour, size length and coin.



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